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Node Default Description
irc.[command] op Every [command] requires a permission node. true Receive IRC chat messages
irc.message.gamechat true Send game chat to IRC
irc.message.action true Receive IRC chat actions (/me)
irc.message.quit false Receive IRC quit messages
irc.message.join false Receive IRC join messages
irc.message.disconnect op Receive IRC disconnect messages
irc.message.connect op Receive IRC connect messages
irc.message.kick false Receive IRC kick messages
irc.message.nickchange false Receive IRC nick change messages
irc.message.topic false Receive IRC topic messages
irc.message.part false Receive IRC part messages
irc.message.mode false Receive IRC mode messages
irc.message.notice false Receive IRC notice messages
irc.tablist op Display IRC users in tab list