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The following commands are available in-game to administrators and players with sufficient permissions. Every command requires a corresponding permission node. For example, /irc save requires the permission node. The parentheses indicate optional arguments.

Command Arguments Description
/irc load [bot.yml] Load bot file
/irc unload [bot.yml] (disable) Unload bot and optionally disable it
/irc reload None Reload entire plugin (Don't use this to load changes to your

configs and bots. Use reloadconfig and reloadbotconfigs instead)

/irc reloadconfig None Reload main configuration file config.yml.
/irc save ([bot]) Save bot configuration(s) to disk
/irc reloadbot [bot] Reload the bot config and reconnect
/irc reloadbots None Reload all bot configs and reconnect
/irc reloadbotconfig [bot] Reload bot config without reconnecting
/irc reloadbotconfigs None Reload all bot configs without reconnecting
/irc connect ([bot]) Connect to configured IRC serve
/irc disconnect ([bot]) Disconnect from configured IRC server
/irc listbots None List loaded bots
/irc list ([bot]) ([channel]) List users in a channel
/irc kick [bot] [channel] [user(s)] Kick user(s) from a channel
/irc op [bot] [channel] [user(s)] Op user(s) in a channel
/irc listops [bot] [channel] List auto ops for a channel
/irc motd [bot] Display IRC motd.
/irc deop [bot] [channel] [user(s)] DeOp user(s) in a channel
/irc addop [bot] [channel] [user mask] Add user mask to op list
/irc removeop [bot] [channel] [user mask] Remove user mask from op list
/irc server [bot] [server] ([true|false]) Set IRC server for bot. Optionally set autoconnect
/irc mute ([bot]) ([channel]) [user(s)] Mute user(s) in a channel
/irc unmute [bot] [channel] [user(s)] Unmute user(s) in a channel
/irc nick [bot] [nick] Change the bot's IRC nickname
/irc login [bot] [login] Change the bot's IRC login
/irc join [bot] [channel] Join a channel
/irc leave [bot] [channel] ([reason)] Leave a channel
/irc whois ([bot]) [nick] Get IRC user's whois info
/irc say [bot] [channel] [message] Make the bot say something
/irc send ([bot]) ([channel]) [message] Send a message to a channel
/irc debug Enable debug mode
/irc messagedelay [bot] ([milliseconds]) Get or set IRC message delay. (Default: 1000)
/irc msg ([bot]) [user] [message] Send a private message to IRC user
/irc ctcp ([bot]) [user|channel] [message] Send ctcp command to user or channel.
/irc notice ([bot]) [user|channel] [message] Send notice command to user or channel.
/irc sendraw ([bot]) [command] Send raw command to IRC server.
/irc updatecheck ([stable|dev]) Check for new versions of PurpleIRC.
/irc znc ([bot]) [command] ([arguments]) Send commands to the ZNC bouncer.