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PurpleIRC is a feature rich IRC bridge plugin for Minecraft.

  • Supports multiple Minecraft mods. (CraftBukkit, Spigot, Forge and RainbowMod)
  • Relay game chat to IRC.
  • Relay IRC chat to the game.
  • Relay game events to IRC. (quit, join, death etc...)
  • Relay IRC events to game. (quit, join, mode changes etc...)
  • Colors are translated automatically.
  • Fully configurable message templates. (global, per bot or per channel)
  • Enable or disable any chat feature to and from the game.
  • Most of the configuration options are per bot and per channel.
  • Each bot can join multiple channels.
  • Automatically op IRC users.
  • Automatically voice IRC users.
  • Control and protect the IRC topic.
  • Manage IRC channel modes.
  • Automatically reconnect to the IRC server on disconnect.
  • Respond to commands in IRC chat.
  • Send any command to the game via the console.
  • Supports prefixes and suffixes. (see sample config for details)
  • Displays IRC users in the tab list. (requires ProtocolLib)
  • Monitor player commands.
  • Great for cross server chatting.
  • SSL/TLS support.
  • SASL support.
  • Nickserv